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Intérpretes Asociados was born in 1981 as a response to the increasing need of a comprehensive interpretation services provider in Chile. Our aim was to provide simultaneous interpretation in large international conferences and/or consecutive interpretation in small groups. We can also provide alternative consecutive interpretation services for our customers. Our original investment was our Philips CIS 500/510 simultaneous interpretation equipment. Today, already established in the market, we outsource our electronic equipment requirements, streamlining our services offering equipment of the latest technology (i.e., Sony’s SX-1070a/1130a Series). Our base languages are English, Spanish and Italian, and we can help you solve your communication problems in other languages such as Portuguese, French and German. We are eager to listen about your requirements. Contact us.

Why Choosing Intérpretes Asociados?


1. Quality Service Program

Many firms put a lot of effort to bring international specialists to present Courses and hold Seminars, Congresses, etc. There are high costs associated to the bringing of foreigners to our country. One of those costs is interpretation. Don’t run the risk of having a bad quality in interpretation. Don’t reduce your costs in this essential item of your budget! Intérpretes Asociados, through its Quality Service Program, commits itself to render services only with professional interpreters with a vast trajectory of in the market. Call us and we will advise you with the help of our experience gained through our continuous presence and expertise in the interpretation market in Chile and abroad.

2. Collaborating Staff

Our collaborators are colleagues that are highly specialized in different areas and we invite them work with us when required



...becoming a communications bridge between persons speaking different languages from different cultures efficiently and with no interferences.


...we commit ourselves to render our services through highly qualified and flexible interpreters that can perform such a difficult task.



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